The Runaway Duffel - Men's Large-Capacity Canvas Travel Bag (Multiple Sizes/Colors)

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The Runaway Duffel is large-capacity duffel bag for men that is perfect for longer trips away, including international travel, road trips, RVing across the country, mass jailbreaks, Amazon river excursions, and Mayan treasure hunting. The Runaway Duffel comes in two sizes (Large 26" & Medium 21.6") and both provide enough room for all your gear and supplies. The Runaway Duffel is the largest bag we offer at Manly Packs and also happens to be one of our most popular. It seems there are plenty of guys preparing to make their escape from civilization. Both versions of the bag include heavy-duty handles and thick shoulder straps so you can haul 100+ lbs if necessary. That makes the Runaway Duffel bag perfect for filling with gold/jewels/treasure and any other supplies you'll need. The industrial canvas construction also makes the bag relatively water-resistant in case you happen to hide as a stowaway in a large ship for weeks at a time. Grab the Runaway duffel now and pack like you're going somewhere. 

Bag Type: Men's Weekender Duffel Travel Bags
Size 1 - Large: 67x37x32 cm (26" x 14.5" x 12.6" inches)
Size 2 - Medium: 55x26x25 cm (21.6" x 10.2" x 9.8" inches)
Closure Type: Zipper
Gender: Men's
Main Material: Canvas
Have Drawbars: No
Item Weight: 1kg
Sizes Available: Large, Medium
Large-Capacity: Yes

The Runaway Duffel Bag ships directly from our wholesaler overseas so please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. 

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