Rugged Men's Messenger Bags

Manly Messenger Bags from Manly Packs 

Men's messenger bags and crossbody bags from Manly Packs are the ultimate accessory for guys who want a rugged and stylish look while hauling their gear. Our men's messenger bags are versatile, easy to carry, and look fantastic with any outfit, casual or formal. We recommend one of our manly messenger bags for any guy looking to upgrade from a juvenile backpack to something more...sophisticated. Store your laptop, tablet, flask, burner phone, leatherman, CCW firearm, or travel gear in any of our fine collection of stylish over-the-shoulder messenger bags. Ditch the backpack and dress like a man. Pack like you're going somewhere with a stylish men's messenger bag from Manly Packs.

  • Rugged Construction. Choose from several rugged materials including leather, canvas, and waterproof nylon.
  • Direct from Manufacturers. Manly Packs sources messenger bags directly from manufacturers to ensure lower prices. Shop with us knowing you'll get a great deal.
  • Only the Best Men's Bags. We only sell messenger bags that we use ourselves. That means our selection is smaller, but each bag is guaranteed to be rugged and fashionable.
  • Upgrade Your Style. Messenger bags offer guys an immediate style upgrade over traditional backpacks so you can start packing better for work, travel, flying, or day trips.
  • Pack Like a Man. A man's bag shows more than what he's carrying. It shows how he carries himself. Grab a new manly messenger bag today.